Medias - Scenery

  • 2021.08.10: sunset in Aalto University, Finland

  • 2020.04.22: colorful rainbow in my hometown, Guangdong Province, China

  • 2019.05.03: green grass in Scotland, UK

  • 2019.04.30: golden bride in London, UK

  • 201.02.04: orange fireworks during Spring Festival, China

  • 2018.10.03: white mountains in Sichuan Province, China

  • 2018.01.26: red building in the the Palace Museum, Beijing, China

  • 2018.01.18: brown path in the hiking, Hong Kong

  • 2017.11.03: blue water in our university, Hong Kong

  • 2016.05.18: sunrise in Huang Mountain, Anhui Province, China


  • 2023.09.22

    Reflection of the HCI paper submissions with my students (In Chinese)

    My first-time HCI paper submission experience with my students in 2023. The students who are going to work with me can learn from it.

  • 2019.04.09

    Reflection of the CSCW 2019 paper submission period (In Chinese)

    This article is the reflection of my CSCW 2019 paper submission from mid January 2019 to early April 2019.

  • 2018.09.29

    Lessons learned from my first paper submission period (In Chinese)

    This article records my lessons learned from the paper submission period for CHI 2019 from June 2018 to September 2018. Write it down to inform myself not to make the same mistakes again and remember the right way of doing research.

Medias - People

  • UI team in Aalto University. Taken after the wind-tunnel experience in Fall retreat, 2021.

  • Me, in Sichuan, China

  • Professor Ma and me, after my presentation in CHI 2019

  • With some group mates, 2018

  • HKUST HCI group photo, 2019

  • With friends in Guizhou Province, China

  • With my girlfriend in Fujian Province, China

  • With my girlfriend in Harbin, China

  • Jay Chou's concert in Xiamen, China

  • May Day's concert in Guangzhou, China